What are your School and Childcare Options in Alberta
(Part 1 School Options)

Useful Resources

Support for Finding Schools for your Children 

Alberta Government Education Resources: 
City School Boards:

* Please note that this list is just the largest cities in Alberta. It does not include smaller schoolboards which you can search for here.

Extra Supports
Online Teaching Resources

Vocabulary List

  • Kindergarten– Is for children that are 5 years old to get them ready for school

  • Elementary school– This is school usually from grades 1-6.

  • Middle school- This is school usually from grades 7-9.

  • High School-This is school usually from grades 10-12.

  • Public school– This is school that is paid for by the government.

  • Separate school system-This is also school that is paid for by the government, but they are Christian or Protestant.

  • Private schools– These are schools that require parents to pay.

  • Charter schools-These are government paid schools that focus on certain special programs.

  • To register (verb)-To fill in an application to join a class or program.

  • Residency card-A card that shows your immigration status in Canada.

  • Proof– To show evidence

  • Status -Your current state. This can be immigration or an update on what you are doing.

  • Baptismal Certificate– A certificate that tells that a child has been baptized.

  • Birth Certificate– A paper that tells your date of birth and your parents’ names.

  • Medical Records– Papers that tell about your health history.

  • Report card– A paper from a teacher that shows grades/marks based on set out guidelines.

  • Designated– Someone you chose to do a job.

  • Bus Zones– An area around a school where a bus is available to pick up students.

  • Low cost-Costs a little money.

  • School board-A group that manages and makes the rules for a group of schools.


Knowledge Check


#1. When do students have to go to school in Alberta?

#2. How old are children when they start elementary school?

#3. What grades are most high schools?

#4. Do most schools have support for ESL children?

#5. What age do children start school?

#6. What school will their child, Ji-young attend?

#7. Why should your children attend kindergarten?

#8. When are schools open in Alberta?

#9. When are the biggest holidays?

#10. Who pays for public school?

#11. What are “charter” schools?

#12. Where do newcomers register for school?

#13. What document do you not need to register your child?

#14. When can you register your child?

#15. What is a “walk zone”?


Acknowledgements and References

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