What are your School and Childcare Options in Alberta
(Part 2 Childcare Options)

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Part 2: Childcare

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Vocabulary List

  • Licensed– to get permission to do something.

  • Government Approved– the government has given permission to do something.

  • Daycare– daytime care for children or people who can’t be alone. It is usually not in a private home.

  • Dayhome– A personal home used as a small daycare for children.

  • Preschool– School before Kindergarten.

  • Subsidy– Some money that is given to support the cost of something. For example: A subsidy could help pay for your rent, if you are considered low income.

Knowledge Check


#1. Who can attend an “out of school” program?

#2. How long is “preschool”?

#3. Where are “private dayhomes”?

#4. What is the only option that is not licensed or government approved?

#5. Who can you ask for help finding childcare?

#6. What can you do if you can’t afford childcare?


Acknowledgements and References

Acknowledgements of Voice Actors: Rebecca Scheiris, Sun Kim, and Vincent Kim.

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Special thanks to KidsU Walden, Bridge Foundation, and Calgary Board of Education, for assistance in content development.