How to Rent a Home in Alberta

Useful Resources

1) Service Alberta: Informational resources on renting

2) Commonly used third party websites to search for rental units:

3) Affordable Housing: Subsidized housing at or near market cost

4) Resolving Complaints

  • Try to respectfully resolve the issue with landlord
  • Talk to an Information Officer at Service Alberta – Consumer Contact
    Center for questions and complaints regarding Landlord and Tenants, call
  • Alternative to the courts: Application to Residential Tenancy Dispute
    Resolution Service (RTDRS), will set up appointment for hearing.

5) Understanding Utilities for your Home

  • Understanding your utilities bill

  • Utility Tips for Tenants

  • Utilities – Moving In Checklist

  • Utilities –  Moving Out Checklist

Vocabulary List

Condition – the state of something that describes appearance, quality or working order.

Document – a text (written, printed or electronic) that provides information, or that serves as an official record.

Eviction –removal of a tenant from a rental property by the landlord.

Fixed Term Lease – a rental contract that begins and ends on specific dates. Alternative option to a Periodic Lease.

Inspection – carefully check the unit to ensure it is in proper condition.

Landlord – a person/group who owns a unit and rents it out to tenants.

Lease – also known as a Rental Contract/Agreement.

Periodic Lease – a rental contract that has a start date but no end date. Often month-to-month but can also be week-to-week or year-to-year.

Properties – a building (ex. house, apartment etc.) or land that belongs to someone.

Rental Contract/Agreement – a contract between landlord and tenant, which includes the terms agreed on before a tenant moves in. Make sure to get a copy for your records.

Rental References – someone who can inform the landlord what someone might be like as a tenant.

Residential Tenancies Act – the law in Alberta that states the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant.

Security Deposit – a one-time payment (cannot be more than one month’s rent) to the landlord, that can be used to pay for damage to the rental unit or breaking of contract.

Tenant – a person or group that rents a unit.

Utilities – important services that keep a home running properly such as electricity, gas, water etc.

Knowledge Check


#1. What are some things to think about when renting a home?

#2. What is a Rental Contract?

#3. Why is a home inspection important?

#4. What are your responsibilities as a tenant?

#5. How can a Landlord legally enter your home for valid reasons?


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